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What Is Sensual Massage?

There are many different massaging techniques, and depending upon the basic purpose or the aim of the massage, every technique has its own unique style. One massage technique that intends to enhance the sexual pleasure of the recipient is a body to body sensual massage. This is a kind of massage that has been there since ancient times, and in the 20th century physicians used it to treat female hysteria. In general though, a sensuous or sensual massage is a way to cause sexual arousal in a slow and teasing manner.

In the hands of trained and experienced therapists, sensual massage becomes a way to not just enhance sexual pleasure but also to achieve inner awakening and empowerment.

What is Sensual Massage

There are many people who misinterpret the meaning of sensual massage and think of it as a prelude to sexual intercourse or other kinds of sex techniques to achieve orgasm. A sensual massage is not for the sole purpose of sexual pleasures and it certainly does not mean that this massage should end in sexual intercourse. The real motive of a sensual massage is to make the individual relax and open him up so that he/she is better able to receive the pleasing sensations that are produced in this massage.

Increase Your Pleasure with Sensual Massage

If you love getting your muscles and tissue manipulated and kneaded by another person, it is because of the ability of the massage to remove all tiredness and stiffness from your limbs and tissues. A authentic tantric sensual massage is much more than simply kneading and manipulating muscles and tissues. It is intimate and makes use of strokes around the genitals to arouse the individual and to enhance his sexual pleasure. As most of the sexual arousal is confined to genitals and body areas near the genitals, the focus of a sensual massage remains confined to the genitals and other erogenous zones in the body of an individual. Different people have different fantasies and erogenous zones.

Some love it when their toes are massaged while others feel sexually aroused when the area behind their ears or neck is massaged. This is why the therapist experiments with different massaging techniques and also asks the individual about his/her sensations while performing a sensual massage. It has to be understood by the recipient of sensual massage is that this massage is a unique way to increase his/her sexual pleasure and to make him enjoy all the pleasing sensations in a better manner. Sensual massage makes it possible for men/women to learn that their whole body is an instrument to receive sexual pleasure and it is not necessary to do penetrative sex all the time.

Both men and women learn that they are not required to perform or to make someone else happy. Rather, sensual massage gives them a chance to enjoy their sexuality without making any effort. Intimate Tantric or Sensual massage can be learnt by both partners to give each other enhanced pleasure without actually indulging in penetrative sex. Sensual massage can make them learn new ways to bring pleasure to their partners.

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