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What Is Mutual Massage?

Massage is a technique where one individual manipulates the muscles and tissues of the body of another individual to bring a sense of deep relaxation to him/her and to remove any kind of stiffness in his/her body. It is a very refreshing and invigorating experience and millions of people around the world regularly visit naturist massage parlours to get recharged and refreshed when they are feeling down and dead tired.

Of late, one can find an interesting entry in the menu cards of massage parlors that says mutual massage. A mutual massage is a technique where the client is given a chance to use his/her hands and other body parts to rub and knead the body parts of the masseur/masseuse to not only get aroused but also to please the masseur/ masseuse.

Both Work on Each Other’s Body Simultaneously

In general, the client who is getting a massage has to lie down on a bed wrapped in just a novel and leave himself at the mercy of the masseur/ masseuse as he/she remains passive all the time. But in mutual massage, the customer is not a mute spectator to experience all the pleasing sensations in his/her body as he/she  is free to make use of his/her hands and other body parts to rub and manipulate the body parts of the masseur/masseuse at the same time.

This is why in a mutual massage, both the individuals have to remain active and the best position to be able to use hands over each other’s body parts is by remaining seated in front of each other. This position not only keeps the hands and legs of both individuals free but they can also clearly see all body parts of each other.

Married Couples Can Benefit a Lot

Another favorite position in a mutual; massage is sitting some distance apart and spreading one’s legs so that the legs reach the genitals of the other person. By applying lots of oil either on the genitals or the legs, both persons slowly massage each other’s genitals with their foot, toes, and fingers of feet.

Mutual massage, in contrast with several other massaging techniques, is more of an erotic massage where the sole objective is to give and derive maximum pleasure by rubbing the body, especially the erogenous zones of one’s partner. It is therefore particularly suitable for couples. As such married couples, if they learn how to please the partner through massaging techniques, can get a lot of pleasure through this kind of massage.

The most important thing in mutual massage is to communicate with your partner and know from him what you could do to maximize his pleasure. There is no need to start with the genitals of your partner as it is akin to rushing things.

You can start with each other’s neck, shoulders, back and tummy to slowly arouse each other. Mutual massage can be done by taking turns or doing the same thing at the same time to the partner. One good thing about mutual massage is that both of you can see and talk to each other thus enhancing love and bonding between the two of you.

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