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What is Japanese Massage & Benefits

Japanese massage has also become very popular within the UK and this is because it is also said to promote lots of health benefits. There are many different types of Japanese massage, however one of the most widely acclaimed Japanese massage types is that of the Shiatsu massage.

Similar to the Chinese massage method, the Shiatsu method will also work on the body’s energy system which is referred to as ‘ki’ in the Japanese method of massage. A good session of Shiatsu will normally last between 30 minutes to 1 hour and within the time you will generally be put through a 4 step process:

This is highly beneficial for the human body, when sick or injured. Initially, the massage process has the involvement of stressing on the parts of the body, which are affected with injuries and pains. And the way the pain is relieved, the mental health of the person is struck with optimism and confidence. The best part of the massage type is that the pressure provided to the body parts can easily distribute energy to the whole of the body. Also, there are no hard and fast rules to maintain while enjoying the massage.

One very important point regarding the Japanese massages is that these are very easy to learn and apply. The processes may be simple, but the results that can be obtained are big. Thus, without taking much of the workload, the massages can be effective. Also, there is no equipment or material required. Just knowing the techniques is more than enough to provide or gain the best results. A good Japanese massage can really leave clients feeling both invigorated and relaxed and generally in a much better state in both body and mind.

More benefits of Shiatsu Massage

  • Deep muscle and tissue relaxation within the body
  • A Marked reduction in anxiety and stress levels
  • Much improved blood circulation within the body
  • Toxin release within the body
  • A totally balanced system of Ki
  • Improvements to both flexibility and posture
  • Improved concentration and focus

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