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What Is 4 Hand Massage?

Massage has long been acknowledged as a great way to get rid of stiffness in your body. A deep and relaxing massage by a trained therapist not only makes you feel good by removing the tiredness and stiffness from your muscles and tissues.
You will realize that all the kneading and manipulation of joints and muscles recharges and invigorates you.

There are many different kinds of massage techniques and depending upon the procedure followed they provide different benefits to the individuals. One such massage that is quite new is the 4 hand massage.

Double the Pleasure and Half the Time

As the name implies, it involves two masseurs or therapists working upon your body at the same time. These therapists complement each other and mirror the movements and strokes of each other.

For example, if one of them is manipulating the muscles of your one hand, the other therapist will work the same way on your left hand, and so on. To a casual onlooker, it seems that the two therapists are working in synchronization. To the individual getting the massage, it is like getting two full massages at the same time. 

More Expensive and Less Common

As a 4 hand massage requires time and effort of two therapists, it is more expensive and not easily found in the menu of all massage centers and spa centers. You have to enquire about it in different massage centers before you find one equipped with this facility.

There is a different kind of sensation and a kind of relaxation with 4 hands massage therapy that is not there in an ordinary massage with a single therapist. It can be a wonderful experience engulfing your body and mind, leaving little time to think about anything else.

This translates into deep relaxation and benefits for a tired and stiff individual as he/she gives up trying to figure out which of the two therapists is doing what and his/her mind surrenders to the pleasing sensations that are produced in the brain and body parts during the 4 hand massage.

Long and Slow Movements

A 4 hand massage is usually an extension of a Swedish massage done by a single masseur as the strokes are long and slow. The therapist has to cover only a small portion of the body of the client and he/she works slowly to bring deep relaxation in the part of the body he/she is working upon.

In this kind of massage, it is possible for the client to request the therapists to concentrate upon a few parts of the body where he/she is having stiffness. Thus the massage session can be tailor made to suit the requirements of the individual. If you are having back spasms or experiencing pain in your legs, you can ask the therapist team to concentrate upon that particular body part.

In a normal 4 hand massage, the other therapist picks up the corresponding body part that is chosen by the other therapist to double the pleasure and accelerate the process to relax the individual.

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