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What is Erotic Massage?

A simple massage has the ability to make one feel rejuvenated and relaxed. It involves using a lubricant along with kneading and manipulating the tissues and muscles to remove tiredness and pain from the body of the recipient. People across the world know about the benefits of massaging and they also take massage sessions at spas and massage centers.

Though there are many kinds of therapeutic massage therapies, there is also a massage called VIP erotic massage therapy that has taken the world of massaging by a storm these days. As the name implies, erotic massage is a very sensuous kind of massage and it intends to sexually arouse the individual and also to enhance his sense of pleasure and well being through the massaging techniques used.

Erotic Massage Increases the Sexual Pleasure

Erotic massage has been in use since ancient times and it is mainly employed to arouse a person sexually in a slow and teasing manner so as to maximize his pleasure sensations. In fact, an erotic massage enables the individual to experience pleasure sensations that were not known to him/her. The masseur is trained in arousing the individual by playing with his or her genitals in a controlled manner so as to excite him/her and yet not allow him/her to achieve orgasm.

Therapist Strokes or Movements Can Vary Depending Upon the Individual
The sensual & erotic tantric massage centers around the genitals of the individual as these are the most erogenous zones in an individual’s body. Many people have other areas in their bodies that they find sexually stimulating when someone else rubs or touches them.

It is the skill of the therapist to know about these erogenous zones to maximize the pleasures of the individual. In any case, it is the aim of the masseur to sexually arouse the individual without making any kind of hurry. It is all done in a safe and relaxed environment and the individual is encouraged to experiences all the sensations that are produced by the manipulation of his genitals by the therapist. 

Erotic Massage Can Be Therapeutic Also

There are many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. An erotic massage helps these men by increasing their libido and let them have a kind of erection that is required to successfully indulge in sexual intercourse. There are also men who face the problem of premature ejaculation.

In these cases, an erotic massage is used as a technique to make the patient relax when experiencing sexual pleasures. They are encouraged to learn to prolong this arousal and sexual pleasure for as long as they can without achieving their actual orgasm.

One should understand that bodyrub erotic massage therapy is different from therapeutic massages that are intended to cure a person from his ailments or pains. As such, there are no laws or rigid principles governing the techniques of an erotic massage.

The masseur is free to make use of his hands and other body parts to bring pleasure to the individual. The masseur can experiment and use techniques that bring maximum pleasure to the senses of the individual. Whether you are looking for this type of massage in London or anywhere else in the UK, you can find many different options browsing the massage directory

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