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What Is Body To Body Massage?

You may have heard of many different types of massaging techniques such as the Swedish massage, sensual massage, tantric massage, and so on. But one massage that has currently become a rage among the clients of most of the massage parlours around the world is called the body to body massage.

This is a very erotic massage that requires both the client and the masseur to be completely naked. In this massage, it is not just the hands and fingers of the masseuse that work magic over the body of the client.  Other body parts of the masseuse are involved as she glides over the body of the client after applying a lubricant over not just the body of the client but also on all her body.

Gliding over the Body Is a Wonderful Experience

A body to body massage is similar to the Nuru massage where the masseuse glides across the whole body of the client. This is a no holds barred massage with oil dripping from the breasts and genitals of the masseuse as she rubs her body parts with the body of the client in an effort to provide energy and warmth to him. 

A body to body massage is a form of full body massage that goes a step further with the masseuse utilizing not just her hand but entire body to bring about an erotic pleasure to the client. The magical sensation when the naked body of the masseuse touches the client over his erogenous zones is simply wonderful and beyond description with words.

A body to body massage does much more for the client than just relax him and remove pain and stiffness in his body. It makes him appreciate the pleasure as he anticipates the pleasing sensations and experiences them remaining passive during the massage.

Do Not Rush Into Things

The main objective of a body to body massage is to tantalize the client and to bring an extreme erotic pleasure to him. The masseuse therefore starts with making use of her hands first on the neck of the client followed by the shoulders, back  and limbs to remove any kind of stiffness and to make the client feel relaxed and ready for the action that is more intimate and exciting.

This is then followed by the masseuse applying massage oil over her breast and hips as she prepares to rub these body parts over the body of the client. One should not rush things as the masseuse continues with slow and teasing movements.

Next the masseuse rubs her body gently to enhance the pleasure of her client in such a manner that the client is left asking for more. The magical and erotic sensation of the masseuse’s hard nipples all over his body, especially his erogenous zones is bound to make the client writhe with pleasure.

Let the Client Express His Feelings

Like in every other massage, it is best to see the reaction of the masseuse’s various strokes and move accordingly. You can communicate and ask your partner what makes him feel good and repeat those movements. The techniques in tantric body to body massage therapy may vary from individual to individual but the basic objective remains the same.


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